At 40 years old, LENA ARGATECNIC revitalizes itself and changes to ARGATECNIC.

In such a competitive and ever-changing market, 40 years are only possible with the ability to adapt and evolve. Thus, as a way to mark this anniversary, the brand assumes a new name and a new image, maintaining the quality and confidence of always, making it more modern and prepared for the future, says Michael Franco, manager of ARGATECNIC.

This is a total rebranding that implies a new visual identity, a name change, new colors, product packaging, website, and other communication supports. The ARGATECNIC brand comes from a family-owned company passionate about the construction world. Its history dates back to a small garage in Boa Vista, Leiria, where it started with the production of tile adhesives by the hands of Diamantino Brás Franco, the company’s founder. It was the first Portuguese brand certified in this range of products. Today, 40 years later, it has facilities of 10,000 m², a daily production capacity of 1200 tons in its 3 production lines, which allows it to develop and manufacture a wider range of products, supported by its dedicated laboratory, not only for rigorous quality control, but also for research and development of new products and solutions.

The objective of this rebranding is not only to modernize the brand and prepare it for the future but also to reflect its current offering and positioning. It is not exclusively a name and logo change, but a change in positioning that is accompanied by the new brand signature: “technical mortars for construction.” We want to be increasingly recognized for the quality of all our mortars: from tile adhesives and plastering to more technical and rehabilitation mortars, in the area of thermal insulation, ecological mortars based on lime or concrete repair, says Michael Franco, manager of ARGATECNIC.

The new image and positioning of the brand will be communicated through outdoor campaigns, leaflets, specialty magazines, open days with clients, social media, as well as through the commercial network.