Management Policy

ARGATECNIC works to enhance customer satisfaction by delivering excellent and compliant products and services

Through a Quality Management System, LENARGATECNIC works to increase customer satisfaction through the excellence and conformity of its products and services, following the principles of continuous improvement. In this way, it aims to stand out for the quality of its products, investing in the development of sustainable solutions using ecological raw materials, minimising the use of natural resources and environmental impact.

In this line, ARGATECNIC establishes as its main commitments:

To maintain a Management System in compliance with the NP EN ISO 9001 standard, allowing for the achievement of planned results and the continuous improvement of the system’s effectiveness, processes, and products.
To comply with and satisfy applicable legal, regulatory, and normative requirements.
Ensure excellent levels of products and services, in order to meet the needs and expectations of customers and building with them a relationship of loyalty.
Foster greater interaction with customers, in order to improve the services provided, adding value through innovation and quality.
Foster mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders.
To involve and qualify its employees, fostering personal and professional development, encouraging initiative, and promoting a culture of innovation and rigor.
To prevent and minimize environmental impacts and health and safety risks associated with our operations.