About Us



LENARGATECNIC, LDA., commercially known as ARGATECNIC (registered trademark), began its activity in 1982 in Leiria, manufacturing adhesive cements. It was the national pioneer in certifying this range of products, emphasizing their quality and guarantee, becoming a reference in the sector. It was even the founding member No.2 of APFAC (Portuguese Association of Manufacturers of Construction Mortars), considering it an asset for knowledge sharing and brand promotion.

Since then, the growth and expansion of the product range have been constant, currently offering technical solutions for thermal insulation, lime-based mortars, concrete repair, waterproofing solutions, self-leveling compounds, among others. For the development of new products, LENARGATECNIC, LDA. seeks sustainable solutions, using recycled materials and eco-friendly raw materials (low gas emissions), minimizing the use of natural resources. Environmental concern is crucial, as it is the only way to ensure the future for the next generations.

LENARGATECNIC, LDA. is a family-rooted company that has grown and evolved, keeping pace with current market demands. It prides itself on having successfully overcome all adversities over the years and currently relies on the collaboration of a strong, cohesive, and determined team.


LENARGATECNIC, LDA. aims to be a company of excellence, focused on the development of mortars for construction and renovation works. Our mission is to exceed our customers expectations by producing and commercializing quality products, while operating in a conscientious and sustainable manner.


LENARGATECNIC, LDA. aspires to be a leading company in the construction market by developing, producing, and commercializing excellent products, ensuring a high level of satisfaction among our clients, employees, partners, and management.



These are the values that we put into practice daily with our employees, clients, and suppliers. They have been the key to our development over the past years.


With an automated production system, LENARGATECNIC, LDA. has a daily production capacity of 1200 tons in its 3 production lines. With a rigorous production control system and a careful method of selecting raw materials, the company prioritizes ensuring the quality of the products it supplies.


LENARGATECNIC, LDA. offers most of its products in 25kg bags, forming pallets of 1500kg. The pallets are properly plasticized, ensuring that the product is delivered to the customer in perfect condition and allowing for easy storage.


LENARGATECNIC, LDA has a perfectly equipped laboratory run by specialized professionals, which is totally independent in carrying out the required tests for the CE marking of the products and for the development of new solutions.


LENARGATECNIC, LDA. has a team of specialized professionals who provide close support and quick responses to all requests. They conduct practical product demonstrations and provide training to clients. Technical support is also provided from the beginning of the project, for product specification, to the application of the products on the site.