40 years – Rebranding

19/09/2022 | Institutional

At the age of 40, Lena Argatecnic regenerates and changes to ARGATECNIC

In such a competitive and constantly changing market, a company with 40 years old is only possible with adaptability and evolution. Thus, and as a way to celebrate this important anniversary, the brand takes on a new name and a new image, keeping the same quality and trust, making this brand more modern and ready to the future, says Michael Franco, manager of ARGATECNIC.

We have done a total rebranding that implies a new visual identity, a change of name, new colors, new packaging, website and other communication materials. The brand ARGATECNIC comes from a company with familiar roots, passionate about the construction. Our history began at one small garage in Boa Vista, Leiria (Portugal), where the founder of the company, Diamantino Brás Franco, started the production of adhesive cement. It was the first Portuguese brand certified in this type of products. Today, 40 years later, the company has a facilities of 10.000m², daily production capacity of 1200 tons on its 3 production lines, that enables to develop and manufacture a wider range of products. This is possible with the support of a laboratory dedicated to strict quality control, as well as to the investigation and development of new products and solutions.

The purpose of this rebranding is, not only modernize the brand and prepare it for the future, but also show the actual offer and positioning on the brand. Thus, this is not exclusively a change of name and logo. It is a change of positioning that is accompanied by the brand’s new signature: “technical mortars for building”. We want to be increasingly recognized for the quality of all our mortars: from adhesive cement and plasters, to more technical and rehabilitation mortars, also recognized by our thermal insulation, ecological mortars based on lime or concrete repair, says Michael Franco, manager of ARGATECNIC.

The new image and positioning of the brand will be communicated through outdoor campaigns, brochures, specialty magazines, open days in customer’s facilities, social networks, as well as through the commercial team.


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