LENA 7 Xtreme

High-performance polyurethane adhesive for bonding

  Excellent adhesion: metal, wood, ceramic, PVC
  Bonding of slate, shale, cork and laminated stoneware
  Prevents surface efflorescence




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12 Kg packages (10.9 Kg Component A + 1.1 Kg Component B – hardener).

LENA 7 Xtreme is suitable for use when fixing large ceramic tiles and natural stone (specifically shale and slate) of any absorption and porosity on interior and exterior walls and floors, on cement-based surfaces, ceramic tiles, metal, rubber, and PVC. Perfect for bonding exposed cork boards to façades and filmed tile with wire reinforcements applied behind the boards.

LENA 7 Xtreme is prepared by mixing Component A with the hardener (Component B) in its entirety. No other components should be added. Mix mechanically using low speed electric mixer until you produce a consistent paste. Once mixed, the viscosity of the product increases, achieving the ideal workability for application using notched trowel.

Simple bonding: 3 Kg/m²
Double bonding: 4 Kg/m²

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